Lisa Redford – Another Place and Time (EP)

unnamed-5With the support of Radio 2’s Bob Harris and performances at Country To Country for 2 years running, Lisa Redford has emerged as one of the brightest talents the UK Country/Americana scene has to offer. Her latest project, ‘Another Place and Time’, is a much anticipated, refreshing new EP which is set to be released Friday 8th April. Don’t expect any powerful production; it’s a showcase of Lisa’s wonderful voice combined with simple yet beautiful Americana melodies.

The first track, ‘Music and Mountains’, has been around for a long time. We saw Lisa performing it at C2C back in 2014, and we came were humming the chorus for the rest of the day. From the first listen, you will appreciate the quality of the lyrics and instrumentation in this beautifully crafted track. There’s nothing in it that stands out, nothing too in-your-face, it’s just a gorgeous, steady melody that wraps you up from the first note. Definitely a strong opener and the best track this EP has to offer.

The title track ‘Another Place and Time’ maintains the relaxed tempo which seems to be a mainstay in her music and is most certainly a comfort zone for Lisa. Again, an incredibly well written song full of sadness and pain about what a relationship “might have been”, focusing on the line “I only hope that you could have been mine, another place in time”. Backing vocals are also used very effectively in the chorus, adding another dimension with some gorgeous harmonies. Another very pleasant offering that will certainly satisfy Lisa’s fans.

‘Remember Me’ doesn’t stray too far from the path either, with a rather subtle, foot-tapping backbeat and pedal steel that allows Lisa to take the spotlight once more, exposing her well-controlled, effortless vocals. It has a slightly more up-lifting feel to the instrumentation than the first two tracks, but ironically the lyrics remain rather melancholic. “I don’t know why you don’t see just how good you’d be for me. I don’t know why you don’t see, but remember me”.

‘Worst Kind Of Love’ brings the pace down even further, once again blending the sounds of an acoustic guitar and pedal steel to create a very simplistic melody that suits Lisa’s style. It would be nice to hear Lisa experimenting with more up-tempo songs and heavier instrumentation as some might find the EP a little bit ‘samey’, but this is a style that Lisa has stuck with throughout her career and has built a fan base that clearly connect with it.

Judging by this EP, it is no surprise as to why Lisa has received such recognition for her talent. It’s another very listenable collection of intricately crafted songs that showcase her stunning vocals and song writing abilities. If you want to chill out and listen to some relaxing, gentle Americana, this is the EP for you. Fans of the modern state of ‘country’ might struggle to engage, but if you appreciate quality musicians and songs with a real story to tell, ‘Another Place and Time’ is right up your street.

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